★ updates

18/12/2022 - finished eso's shrine
22/12/2022 - made this page! + messed around w the code to make main nav bar links into the pastel green color!
26/12/2022 - made projects page!
27/12/2022 - added to do list in update page, started working on misc section, about me + misc + project page overhaul, made credits page
06/2023 - added roblox, minecraft shrines, added media page (books, albums), removed projects page from header area, added links to misc page. added about site section, added contact portion for about section
29/06/2023 - cleaned up book section for media, added shrine page
30/06/2023 - added navigation area on homepage!! so excited
01/07/2023 - linked shrine page in navigation! added site button in homepage
20/07/2023 - made list of lists
25/07/2023 - started working on the shrines page!

☆ to do

Create a page dedicated to reviews of your favorite books, music, movies or TV shows.
shrine page on data soong, stardew valley
-finish media page
albums, books, movies
-remake 404 page
abby, cross-stitch
🗹 roblox template
🗹 minecraft template
-find image for about me
-add graphics page
-add collections page (lps/buttons/badges/stickers/furbys/spongebob merch/garfield merch)
-add links to shrine on shrine page