about me

hello!! i call myself meemo/memmie .. im an adult and i use they/them pronouns.. i left my gender at a jollibee washroom one day and never found it again.. & this silly little page is for me to be my silly little self !!! enjoy ur stay :] below are some stuff i like.. ☺

sims 3, minecraft, terraria, cult of the lamb, edna and harvey, fran bow, stardew valley, roblox, fnaf

mlp:fim, spongebob, bob's burgers, futurama, star trek:tng, wallace and gromit, chicken run, garfield, knives out, kingsmen

nekrogoblikon, system of a down, daft punk, aphex twin, vylet pony, frost children, sewerslvt, kings of convenience

furbys, the mandela catalogue, enamel pins/badges, plushies, kewpies, cross-stitch, bugs

about the site

this site is just a glorified about-me. i like hoarding sites and making shrines too! this page was made on 14/12/2022 and will forever be a work in progress.


email: guppypup@protonmail.com
discord: guppypups / MERINO#2548
dreamwidth: https://guppypup.dreamwidth.org/